Customer Showcase: Videolean integrates Filepicker and saves time!


Here at Filepicker we are constantly impressed how our customers are using our app. This week we wanted to share how Videolean is using Filepicker to enhance their app for their users.


About Videolean

Videolean is helping small business owners to grow their business with the most powerful marketing tool nowadays: videos. Entrepreneurs want videos to promote their businesses. However, they normally can’t afford a video production company, neither have the video editing knowledge.

Videolean offers a wide range of professional template videos easy to customize and affordable for everyone. Select a template, type texts, upload images, select a soundtrack and you already have an HD professional video.

Startups, restaurants, real state, universities, community managers, SEO agencies, marketers…you name it. Videolean is a solution for everyone who believes in the power video has to radically boost a business visibility.

How to create your free video about Icardi now

Creating your Videolean is extremely easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

In order to make sure we save all your changes, need you sign up in first place. Would be a shame to lose all of them otherwise…

You can sign up either by Facebook either by email. Might make more sense the second one since the contest is on Facebook though.

  • Select your favorite template,
  • upload photos from your desktop your any social network,
  • type texts,
  • preview and come back if you want to change something.

  • Upload to Youtube,
  • copy the sharing link and,
  • paste it in the video contest tab, in Icardi’s Facebook.

Go now to the exclusive site to create your video about Icardi for free.

What Happened after Google Pulled Author and Video Snippets: A Moz Case Study

If you have video content, the evidence suggests it’s now worth more than ever to follow video SEO best practices

Video Thumbnails Remain in Google SERPS After Authorship Picture is Dropped

 Google may have removed authorship snippets but video thumbnails are still prominently displayed in the the SERPS.

Research shows that 17% of users spend less than 4 seconds on a website but are willing to spend almost 3 minutes watching an online video.

This is why Videolean exists

Conversation between a video producer and an early-stage startup called Clique. They needed a video produced cheaply and quickly for an investors pitch and an accelerator programme.

Transcript of the conversation:


I just downloaded your doc and I see the script is over 500 words. That’s more of a 3 minute video than a 1 minute video. 

For a good 1 minute video you need at least 2 weeks, 3 minutes would go much over that time frame. I’m telling you this cause I understand you need it done in a week.



Thanks JB. Maybe we can cut down the script, depending on the animation.

I have an investors pitch on the 26th, and an application to an accelerator programme needs to be in by 30th - both of which need videos!

Maybe I can get something produced cheaply and quickly for the above, which can lead on to a better budget video for the web site which takes a few weeks to perfect?


Antoin, reckon you need Check it out. We are a studio called Motion4Startups but launched Videolean in 2012 due to early-stage startups like you. Drop me a line to if you need any help. Hope that helps.

7 quick tips&tricks to write headlines that hook up.

  1. Focus in actionable words: reach, create, change, adapt, construct, transform, win or earn.
  2. Emphasize verbs: drive, lead, consolidate or highlight.
  3. Same thing with adverbs: quickly, unstoppable or efficiently.
  4. Start the promise with a number: 5 tips, 12 strategies, 7 best practices, 3 foolproof methods and 3 key factors.
  5. Stand out including words or phrases such as: in less than 10 minutes, effective guide, final version, presentation for dummies.
  6. Pay attention to the first 3-5 words. Those who readers read first.
  7. Less is sexy. Being able to create an attractive headline using as fewer words as possible will stand you out (i.e. how to change everything, revolution symptoms, disruption,…).

Apply this tips&tricks creating a video in Videolean.