For what are using 20K small business owners using Videolean?


It’s been a wonderful year seeing how more than 20,000 entrepreneurs are publishing videos reguarly in order to grow their businesses, taking advantage of the different uses they can take from Videolean such as:

  • introducing their businesses,
  • promoting their products, 
  • enrich newsletters with video,
  • re-use written content exporting it to video,
  • increase the audience in other content channels like Youtube/Vimeo/Wistia.

Always with the main goal all of this actions give you when they are executed altogether: make your business grow being ranked in better positions in Google due to all those videos published with quality content linking to your site.

Let’s see what some of these businesses are doing.

Promote an event

Pickevent is a highly active networking app in terms of organizing events and meetups in order to create community.

If your company also organizes stuffs like this, you can start trying out the free event template.

Re-use written content exporting it to video

Funders&Founders published few weeks ago an outstanding infographic about at what age different succesful founders ran their startups.

We decided it was too good to don’t re-use it and make an easy to share video about it.

Promote your product

HubSpot is well known for their whitepapers and ebooks with high level content. Decided the best way to promote the ABC’s of Inbound Marketing was with a video.


Ever made a list of tools or benefits? So did we. Posted few weeks ago a video summarizing the benefits of buying your Videolean.

Gain audience in new channels

Tech City News summarizes their weekly news with the template video Table Blogger


Are you using Videolean for anything else we’ve missed?

Go ahead and make your first video in